1. Cost of dyeing is determined individually, depending on the quantity of ordered products and type of the used dye, as well as the type of packaging (size, grammage).
2. In the case of ordering the packaging in the standard colours, which dyes the Seller has on stock, implementation time is much shorter, than in the case of choosing a completely new selection, and the client is not charged with the cost of minimal order of dye.
3. In the case, when the Seller has already developed dye, but does not have it on stock, the waiting time may be up to 4 weeks, the Buyer will be charged with the total cost of the ordered dye (not less than 25 kg – it is the minimal order that can be made with manufacturer), and the unused amount of the dye may be issued to the Buyer at the moment of receipt of goods or saved for the future orders.
4. Prices of dyes depend on the colour, saturation and transparency. Therefore, in the case of non-standard colours or small editions, the cost of dyeing is high.
5. Time of development and selection of new dye lasts about 6 weeks, from the moment of sending the sample or pattern to the manufacturer (it’s comprising of selection time and manufacturing time of the given batch of the dye).
6. Due to high costs of dyeing start-up (loss of raw material, technological process of machine cleaning and materials needed for that), as well as the costs of purchase of the dye itself, it is recommended to order the largest single batch of the goods. It is possible while ordering bottles, jars that the orderer will once order the larger quantity of preforms covering the costs of preforms, and the receipt of bottles and jars can be broken down to smaller receipts, while paying only for the blowing of packaging, which are currently collected. Free of charge storing of the manufactured preforms is 6 months, and after this period of time the cost of storing of 1 pallet is 30 PLN/month. Subtle differences in the shades of dye are allowed due to the fact of manufacturing of subsequent batches.
7. There’s a possibility of paid implementation of preforms sample in the case of selection of new dye – cost of such service is 500 PLN, which will be credited as an advance of payment, if the order will be placed in accordance with the manufactured sample.