Property rights, inviolable intellectual property rights.

1. All designs, drawings, models, photos, etc. are property of the Seller.
2. There’s a possibility to transfer the property rights to the Buyer with a separate agreement, after total depreciation of form, along with the covering of all costs incurred by the Seller.
3. There’s a possibility to reserve the generally available product with a separate agreement, after prior determination of all conditions.
4. Buyer is obliged to check at his own expense whether manufacturing, offering, putting into market, exporting, importing or any other form of use of the products supplied by the Seller, is a violation of intellectual property rights of third parties.
5. In the case of pattern with territorial reservation, the Buyer must confirm in writing that he has acknowledged this information and that he will not violate this limitation. In the case of its violation, the Seller will demand the amount of 100 000 PLN as compensation for moral damages and for company that has bought the territorial reservation, and had it written in the agreement. Manufacturer is excluded from any claims between the Buyer (who violates the limitation) and the owner of rights in regard to forms and territorial limitation.
6. Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer, particularly in regard to compensatory liability or liability within warranty for legal defects of the delivered goods in the case, when it is found that the use of goods delivered to Buyer by the Seller, is a violation of intellectual property rights of third parties.
7. In the case of claims against Seller in regard to violation of intellectual property rights of third parties, in connection with the sale agreement implementation concluded with the Buyer, the Buyer shall be obliged to pay all damages incurred by the Seller’s assets, in relation to claims against the Seller from third parties, including in particular the amounts paid as compensation or reimbursement of illegally obtained profits and all other costs, including costs of court proceedings and representation.