Packing of goods.

1. Seller shall make every effort to ensure that goods are properly packed.
2. Goods such as bottle, jar are packed on cardboard inserts with the dimensions 80 x 120, and then placed on euro or light pallets (depending on the arrangements of the Parties). The whole thing is wrapped with stretch foil in a manner, which will guarantee that the formed pallet unit and the Goods, will not be damaged during transportation. There’s a possibility of additional protection of the goods through the use of cardboard corners – cost of the use of such corners is 5 PLN net/pallet.
3. Goods are packed on EURO type pallets or disposable industrial pallets or with EURO dimensions pallets – these pallets are paid, non-refundables: disposable pallet 10 PLN net/piece, EURO pallet 32 PLN net/piece, industrial pallet 12 PLN net/piece. Return of undamaged pallets can be made only on the basis of resale at the same prices.
4. Generally, the preforms are packed in non-refundables cardboard octabins with dimensions 120x100x120 or big bags placed on industrial pallets 100×120. Cost of an octabin 30 PLN net/piece, cost of a big bag 10 PLN net/piece. Return of undamaged octabin (without top and bottom flap) and big bag can be made only on the basis of resale at the same prices.
5. Some types of preforms may be packed in metal baskets, which are the property of WGM company – returning of such baskets is carried out at expense of the Buyer within 30 days since the moment of receipt of goods – after expiration of this time limit, the Buyer may be charged with the amount 490 PLN net/basket.
6. Some injection details (caps, jars, bottles, preforms) after prior arrangement can be packed in non-returnable PE bags or cardboard boxes (that require security deposit) with different capacities – costs are determined individually – the entire thing can be placed on pallet (that require security deposit) in accordance with the above price list.
7. There’s a possibility of packing the Goods according to individual recommendations of the Buyer, however non-standard packaging is an extra cost – all special orders of the packagings are fully charged to the Buyer – the packagings will be stored free of charge for a period of 3 months – after this period the cost of storage is 20 PLN/pallet/month.
8. Cost of the non-standard packed product will be priced individually.
9. Cost of repacking of 1 pallet in the case of sending too low transport is 20 PLN net.