Additional costs.

1. Cost of storing the goods in the Seller’s warehouse, up to 3 days from placing the goods at the disposal of the Buyer, is included in the price of the given goods. Storing of goods beyond this time limit will result in the right to charge a fee in the amount of 2 PLN/pallet per 1 day.
2. Transportation cost is always covered by the Buyer, unless the parties expressly agree otherwise.
3. Notwithstanding contents of the preceding paragraphs, the Seller claim compensation for damages in the range, in which the damages suffered by him exceeds the value of the reserved contractual penalties.
4. If there’s a reasonable basis to believe that the Buyer will not fulfil his payment obligation, the Seller has the right to demand – before the release of goods and regardless of the previously determined time limit of payment – the paying of total due amount in cash or to provide certain guarantees or other payment securities.
5. After passing of the time limit determined in the previous paragraph, the Seller may also, while maintaining the right to withdraw from the agreement at any time, store these goods in any place at a risk and cost of the Buyer, and demand from the Buyer to implement the agreement and additionally – to pay these costs of storing and contractual penalty as in the case of withdrawal from the agreement (50% of gross price of the goods).