Payment terms and failure to make payment.

1. Buyer shall pay for goods the price determined by the Seller in the order confirmation or directly in the VAT invoice.
2. Proforma invoice as a prepayment or other similar document shall be issued for the New Buyers. After three orders paid with prepayment, the Buyer can apply for payment date, after providing all financial documents and acceptance by the insurance company.
3. When placing an order, the Buyer confirms its payment and credit ability.
4. In the case of agreeing on prices and possible subsequent changes in the base costs, comprising their basis, the Seller is authorized to adjust such prices accordingly to the occurring change in the cost amount.
5. The Buyer shall bear the costs of all taxes, duties and other fees, which he is required to pay upon receipt of delivery, unless the Seller has committed in writing to pay such costs.
6. If after the conclusion of agreement, there will be introduced any import fee or fee associated with intra-community acquisition of goods, tax or any other public law, or if there are going to occur changes in such fees, taxes or charges, or a change – by more than 5% (five percent) – in raw material prices or change in currency exchange rate, the Seller may appropriately change the price, even if this wasn’t included in the agreement between the Parties.
7. The payment must be made in a period of time indicated in the invoice content – according to arrangements of the Parties.
8. If the Buyer fails to make receipt of the goods, through no fault of the Seller, in the determined period of time, the price and other obligations must be paid as if the delivery of the goods was conducted in accordance with the order.
9. If the Buyer fails to perform any of its obligations within three months from the end of the specified time limit, the Seller has the right to withdraw from the agreement in writing, without the requirement to send any additional, previous requests to the Buyer. In the case of such withdrawal from the agreement, the Buyer charges the Seller with contractual penalty in the amount calculated as the equivalent of 50% (fifty percent) of the gross price of goods covered by the order that the Buyer failed to perform.
10. Buyer’s notifications regarding any possible objections, comments or complaints and their consideration do not suspend the time limit of payment.
11. In the case when the payment is not made within the time limit, the Seller has the right to: a) delay the carrying out of his obligations until the moment, when outstanding payments are made; b) demand appropriate extension of time limit for implementation of delivery or carrying out of services; c) demand payment of the entire outstanding amount.

12. In the case, when the court execution is conducted against the Buyer or the Seller has doubts regarding the paying ability of the Buyer, the Seller has the right to: a) immediately demand all payments regardless of their time limits; b) suspend all deliveries within so far non-implemented agreements and carry out the further deliveries only on the basis of prepayment. In the case of refusal to pay an advance by the Buyer, the Seller has the right to withdraw from the agreement and claim compensation for damages.