Order acceptance and implementation, conclusion of the agreement.

1. Confirmation of the order acceptance is issued by the Seller within two working days from the date of Order receipt and sent via fax or e-mail to the Buyer.
2. Confirmation of order acceptance will be issued only upon the determination of all details with the Buyer and after the Buyer provides all documentation needed for the implementation of transaction (paragraph 2).
3. Written confirmation of the order acceptance is confirmed with its following elements: a) product name, product symbol along with additional technical parameters; b) colour; c) quantity; d) net unit price; e) due date of payment and method of payment; f) date and place of goods receipt; g) method of goods receipt; h) method of packing; i) quantity of pallets and their dimensions; j) cost of additional preparation of products for shipment and price of pallet, if such method of packing is used in the case of given order; k) transportation cost; l) date of order implementation.
4. Confirmation of order acceptance that contains data different, than the ones contained in the Order, the Seller will consider to be accepted by the Buyer. Buyer has the right to submit objections within 1 working day from the date of confirmation of order acceptance receipt.
5. Unless otherwise reserved by the Seller, the sale proposition submitted to the Buyer by the Seller is valid 30 days from the date of its sending by the Seller. Price proposed by the Seller does not include the costs of possibly required by the Seller certifications, attestations, examinations and packing of the goods, which will be added to the price of the goods, unless the parties agree otherwise.
6. Order acceptance for implementation by the Seller requires the written confirmation of its acceptance, issued by the Seller. The confirmation will be sent via e-mail or fax.
7. Order implementation date results from the contents of order implementation confirmation, issued by the Seller – acceptable quantitative-timely implementation margin is + – 10%.
8. The orders are implemented in the amounts that are the multiples of packagings, in which the bottles and caps are packed e.g. basic packaging for the bottles is a pallet and for caps is a cardboard box or a bag. In the case, when the goods require to be repacked for logistical reasons, the additional cost will be charged. There’s a possibility of selling non-full packaging for an additional fee.

9. In the case when the Buyer orders non-standard goods (i.e. which Seller does not have on stock) and there weren’t at least three transactions conducted before between the Seller and Buyer, the Buyer is required to pay an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the gross value of the ordered goods, unless the parties agree otherwise. This advance payment will be settled during the receipt of goods or their last batch. When the goods are not collected, the advance payment is kept by the Seller as a form of contractual penalty.
10. In the case of delay of order implementation that is occurring independently from the Seller, the order implementation date shall be extended by the duration of the obstacle preventing the timely implementation of the order by the Seller. In the case of delay of order implementation, the Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer about the reason of delay and a new expected order implementation date.
11. Seller reserves the right to refuse the Order acceptance, without giving any reason and without any claims from the Buyer.
12. All technical data of the products presented in catalogues, on the website or in specification are approximated data, and therefore before placing an order, please ask about the patterns, designs in order to avoid any confusion.
13. In the absence of proper grammage or type of preform, there’s also available a blowing service from the preform provided by the Client – in such case the blowing service is priced – provided preforms may be stored free of charge up to 3 months and beyond this period of time the cost of storage is 20 PLN/month per pallet or basket.