Procedure of placing an order.

1. Concluding of the agreement is conducted through submitting of written order by the Buyer and its acceptance by the Seller. An order can be sent via: a) electronic correspondence, b) fax.
2. An order placed by the Buyer should include in its contents: product symbol, colour, quantity, expected date of order implementation, receiving method of the Goods (in registered office of the Seller, via transport company – in this case there’s a need to determine the cost of transportation), all other comments regarding the delivery (delivery address) and full details of the Buyer – address of the registered office, full name according to the entry in the National Court Register (pl. KRS).
3. While placing an order, the Buyer submits to the Seller the copies of the following documents: a) valid transcript from the National Court Register (KRS) or from Business Activity Central Register and Information Record; b) decision regarding the granting of REGON number; c) decision regarding the granting of NIP number.
In the case of any changes of personal data of the Buyer, company name, address, partners or persons representing the company and having the authorization to make statements in relation to the company, the Buyer is obliged to immediately notify the Seller about this.
4. The obligation to present the documents referred to in paragraph 3 does not apply to orders placed by the Buyers, which remain in continuous business relations with the Seller.
5. Packagings due to their specificity and the occupied storage space are manufactured to the specific order and in most cases, there’re not on inventory.